Moonlight and warmth

I braved it through the first part of my day out of sorts from lack of sleep, and the first day of my period which is ALWAYS a bear. Usually I have a day of a nagging headache before it, followed by 24+ hours of misery. Sometimes I embrace it, others I am just plain pissy about it all.

Once I got home I quickly shifted gears. My friend Ken (a network chiropractor) did some amazing energy work on me, (that might account for my feeling better too!) then off to get ready for Halloween.

Alanna arrived, we donned our costume, and went into the twilight to trick and treat for the first time. We only went to half a dozen houses in our neighborhood, followed by Ginas (the massage meister!)for snacks and a sip of wine. (And goodies for Alanna of course). Last stop === the hospital to see mommy.

It was poignant when we came in view of the night lights of the hospital and Alanna yelled MOMMY'S HOUSE! How do you explain all of this to a 2 year old?

No word on what is going on with her body, my poor depressed and frustrated daughter was elated when we came in costume to trick or treat. Alanna was happy, joyous, and dancing. Usually she is quite sullen as this has all been too much for her, but tonite she was a little sprite.

Innocence and joy blessed me tonite, and I am thankful. I saw the moon, a giant fake spider, lit jack-o-lanterns, and other sights, smells, and sounds through a two year old's eyes. And it was good.

patti ooooooooo


inventivesoul said…
Your grand baby is so pretty.
I am amazed STILL at how much she still looks like the sonogram image you shared with me.
That was the first and only time that I ever saw a baby image that distinct before.
She is so adorable in her winged costume.
Perhaps dressing her up and letting her dance is a GREAT Way to ease the tension of going to the hospital.
Kids are great. If we act normal, they feel safe.
I want Megan to be around for your grand baby I want them to FIX her.
I believe that they SHOULD try and that they can!
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