In search of a little black dress.....

I have a black dress like this. Too bad I am 15 pounds too heavy to fit into it. It was a runway dress for a Paris fashion show. It hangs on my door, rhinestone straps and remind me of a time when I was thin and angular and could have been a model had my parents let me.

When I was 15 I worked in a private French restaurant in the mountains. The owner did all the cooking and had the likes of Jaques Pepin come to give her lessons once in a while. I was a bar back, a prep cook, a waitress, a chaimbermaid all rolled into one. I had lovely red hair, weighed 100+ without dieting, and was 5'8" or so. I learned much about life the few years I worked there. About love, lust, fabulous French cuisine, great wine and such....

My boss had been a model in Paris and wanted to take me to NY to visit her connections at Ford, but it was squashed immediately as my ex-Jesuit (well he ALMOST became a Jesuit) father saw it as a life of debauchery and sin. Heck, I was doing quite a bit of that already, so why not get paid for it too?!

So I went out tonite looking for a little black dress to replace the one on my door. In all the stores in our little city, not one fit; too big, too tight, too skimpy, too frumpy. I wonder what I will do as this saturday is the wedding. Perhaps I will go upstairs and try and sqeeze into that dress and dream back 30 years when I was thin, wild and free.......... and hope I don't rip the seams!



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