LISTEN TO YOUR STUDENTS and you will often find the path and inspiration of the lesson plan.

I was emailing one of my students back and forth. Friendly chatter. I have had him for 3 years and am now his senior advisor. He is a fab kid and I have learned much from him.

He is in my Photoshop is a class that I am teaching for the first time. He suggested that I give kids a disposable camera and have them take it home for the weekend and shoot pictures for them to scan and make their own collages as I am strict about copyright infringement. I figure, might as well teach the Generation X now! I needed a lesson plan however to tide us over till I got the cameras, gave them to the kids, developed the film etc. I had to come up with a quick lesson and we both agreed that doing scanner art might be fun.

During class we searched Google images for "Scanner Art" and looked at what examples we could find. We found quite a variety, and were inspired by some of the self-portraits that we found online by high school students using scanners. A light went off in my head and I had an AH HA moment in the middle of the class! EUREKA, THAT'S it! The kids can do self portraits, a series of four, and one of which has to be scary in keeping with the Halloween spirit!

I came home, went straight to work and had a blast coming up with four variations on a theme. For some reason this blog will only let me post three pictures, but you get the idea.

High school kids are so into their self-image. Even those with low self-esteem will probably do this assignment because they can be different people, change themselves. I wonder if this project can be transformative in other ways..give them some confidence and most of all, have fun and learn.

I will let you know how it goes!



Susie Monday said…
What a great idea.
I have had students make self portrait silkscreen monoprints using water sol crayons and gel medium to screen the pigment onto t-shirts.

You might, if budget allows, print the self portraits on photo transfer paper or even less expensively on fabric/freezerpaper to then use in multimedia and or art quilts.
patti said…
thanks for the info but I want more info!!! How do I reach you????

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