What do Gibbons Eat?

This image is titled "Gibbons at Play",
The Hsuan-te Emperor (1399-1435) dated 1427
Hanging scroll, ink and color on paper and came from the website asianart.com I usually don't use an internet image on my blog, but since this is over 500 years old, it might be ok and come under fair use. I just HAD to have a picture of a gibbons, and this was the best to be found and also it is beautiful.

I have a counter on my blog and can track certain stats, like how many people do visit it, what part of the world they are from, how they found me etc. I saw that my blog was accessed as a link when someone asked (Jeeves?) "what do gibbons eat?". And, of course since my name is Gibbons, and the title of my blog is EAT MAN DRINK WATER, I came up in the search. And the person actually checked out my blog. Might have been a quick in and out, but it gave me a real chuckle when I read it.

This gibbons tries to eat sensibly. I prefer to eat nothing from a can, nothing processed, and all organic. Of course, being on the run a lot, that is not always possible. I am pretty health consious, so I do the best I can to eat right. But when I am sad, or depressed, I hit the potatoes in any form (don't they stimulate the seratonin levels in the brain or something like that?) and there is no comfort better than either a grilled swiss cheese or BLT sandwhich with Hellman's Mayo smeared all over it. Oh, and chocolate milk and a pickle to boot. Not very healthy, but oh am I in heaven.

Rarely does anyone pick on me for my last name anymore, it has become a thing of the past but still a joke between my sister and I. Which reminds me, it is her birthday on friday and I must pack up the stuffed monkey, that pad of paper with a monkey on it, and oh, the monkey magnet I made her. She will get a chuckle out of it.

Off to bungle in the jungle, patti


Anonymous said…
U R A GIBBON, RU not ?
patti said…
Acutally, I am a GIBBONS (s) which means I am more than 1 gibbon.
A whole bunch of them. Now ain't that some ----
Anonymous said…
Please try me before you go to the other side... EDHEAD

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