Living a Sensuous Life

One of the descriptive phrases in my blog is "living a sensuous life". Now many think that sensuality equates sexuality. Sexuality is a part of sensuality, but the term sensuality includes ALL the senses; taste, smell, hearing, touch, sight and feeling. (did I leave any out?) Da Vinci stressed the importance of fine tuning all of our senses in order to realize our potential.

I try to live sensuality to its max. There are certain things in life that I must have on a daily basis. Fresh ground coffee, wonderful soap and shampoo, luscious lotion for my post shower body (essential during the cold winter months here in the northeast.), lovely underwear, good music, wonderful fine cotton sheets and a good down pillow. Oh, and a fantastic imagination. In the winter I love to wear velour, velvet, soft wools. When it is really cold I wrap myself in layers and on a snowy day love to trudge around the world in my Uggs.

I start my day off pampering myself, getting my psyche ready for the day. While in the shower I envision what I feel like I want to wear. Being an artist I equate mood with color and fabric, so I plan my wardrobe while basking in the steaminess of my shower. I don't have music in my bathroom, otherwise I would be playing some meditation or classical music.

In the winter months I preheat my car, grab my CD of the week or the day, and am ready to venture out into the world. Though I am close to 50, I still bask in my femininity and nothing brings that out better than a great selection of lipsticks. Oh and how could I forget, exquisite perfume.

I don't drive a fancy car, my clothes are a potpourri of things that I have garnered and my house is decorated in eclectic shabby chic (see my entry "house of broken chairs").

The perfect sensuous day ends with a glass of wine, a few hours in the studio, and some sushi, and if there is any energy left, an hour with a good book or a movie.I bought a fabulous mattress this summer, and at the end of the day I sink down into it, turn off the light, and let my dreams take me to places of light, adventure, and romance.

Part of living a sensuous life is rejoicing in the beauty of the day whether it be sunshine or layers of grey flannel clouds. Life can be hard and painful, or it can be exciting and delightful; I embrace it all.

Tonite I ended my evening with dinner at the Bear Cafe in Woodstock. My friends and I had a good laugh as some people thought my friend was Patti Smith and we were a bunch of rock stars. We ended the evening with a performance of fire spinners under the cold evening stars.

Life doesn't get better than this.

The photo is of my daughter before she left for Iraq taken by Larry. I love this photo. She is so beautiful. He has captured her well, though there is a sadness that hurts my heart.

Off to dreamland, and may tomorrow be a sensuous day for you all. patti


Chantal said…
What a wonderful post!!!! Amen to all you said about sensuality! I too try to make my days as sensual as possible. This is my way of fully embracing this life I've been given. When the senses and the body are happy, the heart and the soul thrive! And vice versa. So glad to have found your blog via a Gleaner Zine posting. Blessings,

P.S: my thoughts and prayers are with you and your daughter.

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