Simple Gifts

The day was a kaleidascope of emotion. I started the day with a headache, and the kids were foul. The holidays put so much pressure on us all, and I felt very distant from Christmas this year. The energy from the kids and staff was stagnant and struggling. I gave very few cards or gifts this year; only to those who have a special place in my heart.

I have been making gifts as they embrace the true meaning of giving. They reflect my heart and the deep love that is involved in the act of creating them, whether creating a card, a mix of music, a collaged notebook. I try and pick out meaningful gifts, but it is not the same as something from my very being.

What touched me most was I received gifts today that were priceless today; a hug from a friend, my dentist fixing a my tooth and after seeing my joy in his work, did not charge me and said "Merry Christmas". My cousin sent money for Megan and the baby, my girlfriend Annie gave me wine and made us cookies. Leah gave me homemade pierogies (oh I love them so) and a gift certificate to Monkey Joes Coffee Shop where I can take my sketchbook and journal pretending I am in cafe in Paris. I got a phone call from Bardet in California and we giggled and planned wicked things this coming summer. Tom stopped by and brought Christmas presents for Megan and Alanna.

I found myself stopping and realizing that I had been blessed with the simplest but most wonderful gift of them all, the gift of selfless giving and of friendship. I am blessed with the spirit of people giving with great love to me, and perhaps for the first time in my life, I am learning to accept such precious gifts.

Over drinks and dinner, I told my friend Annie that I truely believe that people and events are put before us for reasons. There are so many lessons to be taken from all that we experience. I am bequiled by the lessons I learn each and every day. That is why I can embrace pain, as it too has its lesson.

Thank you all for teaching me how to appreciate your gifts of love and generosity. I love you all.


PS A photo of Alanna discovering a lamp in my garden this past summer, full of innocence, curiosity and discovery.


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