I Believe

I had a lazy day, a trip out into town to buy some more panels to paint on, to the PO, and to buy more wine as I was having company over to partake in all the cheese and cookies I had. I got some time in the studio, and then spent the afternoon with my friends. Rob I have known since I was 19. We went through the death of our parents together, and art school. To this day we still paint together when we can. He is the teacher though now, and I the student. He tried to convince me not to marry my first husband, but I was young and a fool back then. We have been in touch on and off over the years, with long gaps in between, only to be thrown together again by fate, and we have sworn not to let so many years go by. Kip came over too and bought me some more wood for the winter (though we have not used the fireplace yet this year...); we have known each other for ten plus years. Larry and Kip actually dated the same woman at one point in time, but not at the SAME time, LOL. Funny how life makes for strange coincidences.

Alanna came over later and we curled up in my bed and watched The Polar Express. I cried at the end when everyone but the boy stopped hearing the magic of the bell. He always would hear it because he believed.

I remembered how I refused to listen to the other kids when they told me Santa was not real. I knew that my parents were involved in it, but when I closed my eyes and let my mind run wild, I lived in a world molded by fantasy where anything was possible. I still live in that world as it is an escape from life when it gets too hard or when I need a change. I use the richness of my ever so present imagination to create many scenarios in my head, which often come out in my art. I believe...that love gives meaning to life, that there is magic, that with faith anything is possible, that I am a piece of a divine being, and that I have some influence in the world. I believe in me, and I believe in you.

I did this painting yesterday in the studio. It is acrylic on primed wood panel, with 3/4" of an edge which is also painted. The light is a bit harsh from the scanner, as it is more subtle. I have a few more pieces in progress, but this one was a bit of magic which happened in an afternoon.

Off to put Alanna to bed and dream of magic and wonder.


Anonymous said…
Your painting is so beautiful the red looks like old wine and good friends. If you got a minute would you mind visiting my blog and giving me your critique of the artist statement you would make a perfect unbiased person.
Thank you

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