Chain letter

When I see you
I want to tell you
1001 stories
and the words that form
get stuck in a mire of
sighs and whispers
and form a chain
which hangs heavily around my neck.

I talk about the weather,
what art I sold,
and tell you I am fine.

What if
you take this
chain of words and memories,
decipher and untangle
the knots.
Will you understand
the pain, the passion,
the joy and desire
to live in white light?

Or will I
wear it,
till it breaks
and the words fly away;
a million scattered thoughts,
and dreams
trampled in the dust ....

copyright PA Gibbons
please do not use without permission. Thanks

Note: this poem has been gestating in the darkness of my bedroom while tossing and turning, influenced by people and events of the past few months. I have laid awake for hours, nights on end, words and images running through my brain into a little corner where I save them till morning. I awoke to the sun peeping in on me, and I grabbed my morning coffee and let the words untangle themselves from the deep recesses where I kept them carefully stored, and let the muse speak. Evenutally the images will take visual form in my studio. I am grateful when the muse visits, even at the most unlikely and inconvenient of times. The photo is a cropped section of a picture Larry took of Megan which was in a blog about a week ago, and I altered it in Photoshop for today's photo.

In light, Patti


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