Show Report 1

What a gift today was to me. After a difficult day yesterday, I was blessed with a day of seeing old friends, and meeting new people. The show (at the New Paltz Middle school on Main Street in New Paltz, NY) is one of the best in the area and have wonderful fine art and craft. Though it is small, it is full of quality items.

Each year I feel like it is homecoming. Many of the vendors have been coming there for years. From handmade and designed clothes, jewelry, assemblage/shadow boxes to weavers and people spinning wool, it is a really wonderful intimate atmosphere. Every year some of the same people come to say hi. They don't always buy but is just fine. I have met some of the most wonderful men and women at that show and we hug and we are grateful for another year. I see customers with their children another year older and have watched them grow and blossom over the past 10 years.

Sales were great in spite of my stock being low. Illness and family have kept me from producing the amount that I usually make, but my attitude is, it is what it is. I sold art and craft alike. I met a great woman who has a wonderful website and business She has an amazing amount of artists and craftspeople on her website and was at the show shopping for gifts from my friend Kitty. She came upon my booth and ordered 125 glass slide ornaments from me for next year and I have free reign on design. That is my favorite kind of order. A year in advance, and freedom of creativity! I was thrilled. Do check out her website, and she has an large article coming out in Country Living Magazine. I am not sure when, but when I find out I will post. My friend Kitty was there too with her amazing assemblages made out of antique and vintage items. If she has a link to a gallery or site where her work is, I will post it tomorrow. I bought a large assemblage of a Buddha from her as soon as I walked into the show. It beckoned to me and it will hold a place of honor in my soon to be set up meditation area in my spare bedroom or my studio. I want my husband to see it I am not sure of where I will hang it. I have three pieces of her work and buy one every year that I see her, as well as very special gifts for others.

I ended the night getting Alanna and taking her to an art opening with live music. She danced and ate cheese and kept running around shouting "another party!". LOL.
I saw some of my friends there and that is always fun.

The only down side of the evening was another phone call from Megan. The police arrested her ex fiance and put him in jail for 25,000 bail as this was not the first time he violated the order of protection. They called his mother's house saying he could either come down and surrender and turn himself in or they would find him. Her response was "he is not coming down, I don't know where he is, probably hunting down that bitch". The police tried calling my daughter on the cell phone 17 times and I guess thought that perhaps he had gotten to her. They had several groups of police searching for him. They found him and now he is screwed. How stupid. The trial is Wednesday. I think he dug his own grave. But I am afraid..for Megan, for us, as his family is crazy and I don't think this is the end of it. I feel like I am living in some surreal nightmare. I am going to court with her as she cannot be alone in this venture. The outcome might be jail time, but what happens to change his abusive behavior? Hopefully the court will mandate anger management which is what she wanted all along and it has escalated to this. I think the court will be tough on him as recently there was a local woman murdered by an abusive boyfriend who had an order of protection against him. No one should have to be abused or live in fear of another person when they finally stand up for themselves.

Well, off to bed. I have to get up early and finish a few more projects, see if there is anything else I can bring to the show to sell. I am finishing up my liquid dinner...a very hearty bloody Mary with all the right ingredients. LOL.

bottoms up..... :) patti o


inventivesoul said…
This is crazy...
I added Earth Angel toys to my blog as I just found them a couple of days ago! EARLY FRIDAY MORNING, like 2 AM!!!!
And while I was just reading your entry, I see you MET the woman who runs it?
How cool is that?!


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