H is for...........

I was visited by the muse of inspiration and problem solving today. I had wrote an email to a friend about visits from the muse of creativity, and how people and our interactions in life help form the vessel within us for such creativity. Divine inspiration strikes, and art is born. (my immaculate conception)

So here I am, scanning a gift I made for my neice, and realized what my next zine will be. I have been ruminating on some sort of an Alphabet Book, but not one like a is for apple, b is for beast, but one based upon
1)those old Victorian verses (V was a vintner who drank all the wine--something like that)
2) My own twisted left-of-center humor.

I will design each alphabet after I write the poem. Those of you who have a copy of Eat Man Drink Water will know what they are in for.

So what is H for?
Heroic NOPE.
Handsome? Maybe
Horny? That might be part of it.

Did you know that HORNEY (horny with an e inserted in it) was a German-born American psychoanalyst who emphasized the role of environmental and cultural factors in the development of neurosis? Now that also has possibilities but I would need a reference guide at the end of the book.

The writing still has to come, but it is a step closer to what I have been visualizing for a few months now. The vision is 1/2 of the work, the other 1/2 is getting it out. But the hard part, the idea, the brilliant flash within my brain has impregnated the seed of the muse into my very being and I will gestate and birth yet another little chap book...to take to parties, give to your ex mother-in-law, or send in a little brown envelope to your secret pal.

And, if I have the entire set of Alphabets that I have painted, collaged, etc. I have the fodder for a show, and a sale of each mini artwork at the end. TA DA..as Alanna says! My readers, please email me or comment on this. I always appreciate and welcome feedback!!!

dancing with elves in glee,


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