Late night reporting here- but brief coverage. Just got back from a VERY long but gratifying weekend. The show and energy was great and I really got charged and upbeat doing it. There is a high that you get when people are stuffed into your booth and loving what you do. I create from my heart and magic that is given to me from some divine being (God, Buddha, Allah, etc. take your pick for a diving being-I commit to none and all if that makes any sense)

I also bought a few very special pieces which I will put on the blog in the next night or two. A fabulous blown glass necklace and my Buddha shrine. They are both superb. They are worth at least 2-3 pairs of shoes LOLOL.

I am sipping wine, musing, tired. I am smiling. I am thankful. I have been graced with interacting with the most wonderful people in the world. Perhaps some year I will rent a booth and just have an anti-sale party all weekend long, feed all people and sell nothing, and give things away.??? As it is I give much away when I have a sale. It is a true pleasure.

In gratitude for abundance, Patti


Anonymous said…
Your booth looks beautiful and it's easy to see why they all loved your art :-) What a wonderful feeling. Congrats.
patti said…
Mary Beth; thank you for being kind. It was actually very simple as I don't have any wonderful booth set up. I only do 1 show a year thus far, so I can't justify the cost of an expensive set up. Perhaps someday when I am not teaching full time and I can go back to the old days of the craft fair circuit. I used to do it for a batik company I worked for in the 80's. I enjoy your blog by the way and your writing. I bet you are really fun to be with. Patti/Pootie

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