The Things that Live in Your Mouth

I had to republish my blog to get the picture I wanted to post for is 24 hours later, but heck, better late than never. A scarey picture from a 1927 book on Exodontia.

Today was rather non-eventful, which is always good. I have enough little earthquakes to deserve peace now and then.

I did have a dentist appointment after work for my check up. It had been two years as I cancelled my appointment last year after I broke my foot as I could not stand to be tortured and I had developed a phobia about pain. (ever feel like your foot has been caught in a bear trap for months??!!)

I finally got the nerve up to go..and thank GOD my teeth are great. I have a small chip which they will fix, but everything else is FAB.

Now I have this neurosis about teeth and mouth hygiene. I simply can't stand bad teeth, missing teeth, funky teeth or no teeth. I will sell EVERYTHING if I had to in order to have good teeth.

So the dentist sticks this probe up into my gums and says WE ARE GOING TO LOOK AT WHAT IS LIVING IN YOUR MOUTH. They have a digital microscope that blows everything up a million times and you can see it on a computer screen. Well, this was weirder than the guy who xrayed my hips last month and asked me if I wanted to see my pelvis on his computer screen. (in my younger days the line was "would you like you see my how technology has changed things..) At least this time I was dressed.

Oh my God. There were things swimming around that looked obscene, alive, and deadly. There were long ones, fat ones, round ones, hairy ones. The good news was, that there were no BAD ones. Guess the antibiotics that I took last month killed all those little f---kers.

They explained to me the extreme importance of having good oral hygiene as I have lots of hardware in my leg. Any bad germs that are in the mouth can go straight to my ankle and kill me. (and this is no lie. Last week over dinner a guy told me about his friend who died from something similar from his broken ankle a year and a half post surgery!) I did not ask the hows, just took all the stuff they gave me, bought the water pik, gave them 200.00+ and jetted out the door.

So now I have something new to be neurotic about. And Larry, well, I feel sorry for him, but my oral hygiene comes first.

Does that mean I can't talk dirty either?

chuckling, Patti


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