Sparks, Shocks and other Electifying Matters

I walk about these days feeling like a live wire, full of raw nerves, energy flying all around me. I can't say it is a bad feeling, as I feel alive and enjoy the tingling and electricity that emanates from my being. I wonder what my aura looks like; I am sure it is red and gold and I look like the grand finale at a July 4th celebration. Sometimes I wonder if someone touched me, would I shock them, or would I fly into a million pinpricks of light.

I know what it is like to be shocked. Once I was making cookies at Christmas time, I put in the tray in the oven and it touched a live ungrounded element. (the landlord was my boyfriend at the time...he has long since been FIRED). I was on the phone, and got thrown across the room, I lay on the ground, not sure what had just happened to me. My friend is screaming "Patti, what has happened, are you OK????" while the cookies slid down the wall, leaving a trail like slugs after a rainstorm.

I can't help but wonder if I am some scientific anomaly of synapses and firings. If I were bi-polar, I would say I was in a manic stage. But I am most decidedly not. I am quite grounded, let me assure you.

I came home to a few good things. Some art/cards/things were sold on the internet, and I received a call from a gallery saying I sold the piece which I posted on tonite's blog. I am a bit shocked as it is rather an intense piece, nothing pretty or beautiful for the wall. It is called "They Cut My Hair" and I made it out of anger and trying to heal from the abuses of childhood. I almost feel like I have to call the buyer and let them know the energy under which it was made. (shoot yourself in the foot Patti?) My mother used to brush my hair and pull on it and cause me much pain. She would cut my hair, and cut my bangs so short that I would go to school shamed. It is always a joy to sell art, and so gratifying..especially when I am needing some kind of acknowledgement and appreciation for who I am and what I do.

Enough jabbering...I am sure tomorrow will have more interesting tales to tell.


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