Getting into my Pants (and other tales)

So now that I have your attention, you will have to read my blogs for a LONG time in order to find out the secret. Larry has been trying to figure it out for 13 years. I am sure it remains an enigma to him. Personally, I don't think it is rocket science.

BUT before we get derailed here, back to the REAL STORY of the title.

I was invited to my friend Barbara's party. She was my cooperating teacher while I was student teaching, and is one of the gifts that the universe has given me. She helped mold who I am as a teacher in regards to my energy, my organizational skills (those of you who have been in my room OR my studio---cut the laughter. I know just about where everything is messy by nature!)how to prep, get kids in and out, how to nurture and fire up their imagination and get a successful product, and perhaps MOST of all, how to be your own free spirit, and not care what the rest of the eduational world thinks about you.

I had no clue how to dress. I was feeling rather spunky and am tired of dressing for "school" so I dug out what every woman should have, a pair of black leather pants, a bad girl top, with a jacket that somewhat covers the top. And of course, my black boots with heels as high as my foot and leg can take it. I looked at the pants, it had been an entire year since I had them on and since I have not been weighing myself, I had no idea if they would even fit. I have had them quite a long time and they have been kind to me in spite of ups and downs of my weight, so I took a breath, slipped them on and VOILLA. What, I need a belt? I was rather surprised that they fit perfectly, and if anything, I needed a belt to keep them just right. Off to the party where Barbara had on an outfit that shimmered more than the 6-10 trees she had decked to the max with glitz and glass. I was rather subdued next to her, but heck, I was not intending to be competition, because with Barbara, there is no chance in hell I would win. The food was great, I ate more than I had in weeks, sipped on champagne and Baileys. I was a cheap date, I felt the champagne fast and figured I had better take it really really slow.

I did not stay late, I was not in the most social of moods, but it was good to get out and chat for a bit with some people from other life times, and as I headed out the door Barbara bedecked me with her fire red feather boa. I have the perfect outfit for that Barbara. Just you wait.

I did not sleep again last night, but I am getting used to that. Today I worked on the house, took a mile walk and did some hill work, and actually felt like I was ready to run again, but knew better than to try. I spent the rest of the evening working the studio, and dug out some of my old tapes. Bryan Ferry crooned to me "I'll do Anything to Turn you On", (hint #1 for those of you out there who are trying to figure out your partners) "Slave to Love" and other great pieces. I have to say that Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry hold up after all these years. I really enjoyed the trip back in time and reminisced about his concert that I attended at the Civic Center in Poughkeepsie with my sister and my girlfriend's husband. Remember that concert Ed? He left his wife home, I left my boyfriend home, we grabbed my sister and partied! Enough of all of this.

Tonight's work is one of a series of gifts I am making. Little moleskin pocket notebooks, and I am custom collaging each one. I made a few and I am in love with them.

Till tomorrow! Patti O Light!


Anonymous said…
I love it tight leather pants and an attitude! Your blog is getting addicting. How I love being a voyer and reading other peoples diaries.
Merry Christmas

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