Monday Monday

Didn't the Mamas and the Papas do that song? Sheesh, I am really dating myself here. When I think of songs like that I think of being on the playground in 5th grade in Catholic school, listening to the radio which was snuck in by one of the girls and we would listen discuss which one of the Beatles was the cutest. We talked in hushed voices as we feared the steel ruler that would come down upon us if we were discovered talking about boys.

I remember being in third grade and saying that Bonnie and Clyde were naked in the movie. Someone else had passed that along, but when it got to me, someone told on ME and I got that steel ruler. I was used to getting hit, that was no matter, it was the betrayal by a classmate that smarted more. My very first betrayal was in the first grade. I was known as the "artist" even then. My writing was good so they gave me a word to write on the stone stoop with crayons. I was proud to be asked to write something for someone. I did not often get praise. So I proudly wrote SHIT on the sidewalk. Some time later a nun came in and whisked me away, asked me if I wrote that, and I said YES rather proudly. Oh man. I was humiliated and made to wash it off the stoop with a steel brush. It took forever to get it off. My father was called and I got it again. What they did not understand was that I did not know what the word meant and I truely meant no harm, and later found out that the same girls who asked me to write it ran back to Mother Superior and told on me.

Then there was the final betrayal. Back in those days you wore shorts underneath your uniform for gym. Mine were probably down to the knees like pedal pushers. I will never forget the boy, Thomas Scianti. I was at lunch and ok, I was a bit out of line at 12 years old for picking up my skirt and showing the boys my shorts. They got to see 1" of knee. I really was very innocent but there was something delightfully wicked about showing my shorts. Thomas RAN to the Mother Superior and told her that I picked up my skirt and I was naked underneath. Again I was hauled into the office. She asked me if I did it. I told her I picked up my skirt (which I did right there in front of her in the office) and said BUT I HAVE SHORTS ON. I guess that did not matter.

It just happened to be May day and that year we had a May Pole. The only year there ever was one I think. The entire school had a ceremony to dance around the Maypole. (old pagen ritual about fertility I think, and that pole....) I was made to stand with my nose to the wall for the entire ceremony and I remember my shame and my anger and my hatred of all of those who had been cruel to me.

All this prompted by monday monday.

Oh and by the way, this image was the design for my first business card. I really loved it but figured that it might not be getting the message across that I was an artist. I wonder if there is anyone out there that could use this?

chuckling, Patti


Anonymous said…
I liked Ringo the best because he was the underdog.
That’s sooooo funny those treacherous kids and mean nuns scaring our little souls. I used to hang by my knees on the monkey bars and show my underpants. No Mother Superior though just self righteous Mormons passing judgments on poor little me.
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Anonymous said…
Oh I've added you to my blog if that is OK. Could you add me to yours?

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