At times poetry and lyrics/music influence my writing and art. I hear verse that intriques me and I think on it, absorb it, chew it. 100x at least. In fact, when I find a musician whom I really enjoy, I will listen to the CD till I am intimate with all its nuances. Over and over.

I have been absorbing some of Beth Orton's music like that. Similar to smell, music can take me back to a time period, a relationship, a memory-all in a split second. I have been thinking about these words from Central Reservation: "...everything and nothing is As sacred as we want it to be". I thought hard about the duality of the verse.

I spend much time thinking about mortality and the paths we travel in life, and our relationship to the universe and the possible beyond. At times I feel pretty small -a speck of dust on the wind, a zooming electron in endless space. As humans we want to make a mark on the world, but very few of us have history book lives; the work we do matters in the here and now. However I am thankful for innocence, curiosity, and love, which help me understand what is sacred, and what to hold most close to my heart.

The piece tonight is rather intense. Those who know me will understand. Those who don't-can guess or just let the art take them where they need to go.

Nothing and everything is sacred, and as long as you remember that, it's all cake.



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