A Little Louder Sir....

I’ve been trying this new technique with the phone solicitations that I constantly get these days. I am on the no call list, but certain organizations seem to be above that , ie: the Police Benevolent Asso., the Sherrif’s Dept., Drug Dog Fund, the Fire Dept etc. Oh, and various political and medical organizations.

Over the years I have donated to many of these folks, but I think somewhere along the line my name was sold to various organizations as a person who is a donor, and I am besieged with calls. And, have you ever noticed, that if you make a donation based upon a phone call or a mailing, that within a few months they are asking for money AGAIN?

However, I have a new technique which seems to have quieted things down a bit.

When the phone rings and I hear “how are you doing today?“ I tell them that I am really shitty and give them the worse scenario of the week. After all, they asked, didn’t they?! If that isn’t enough and they STILL ask for a donation, I tell them about my daughter and give them HER website for making a donation themselves . I ask them if they have any techniques they would like to share with me for raising money. By this time I have been thanked, cut off, or hung up on. If they still send me information, I put a MEGANAID card in the envelope and mail it off.

I feel a bit guilty saying all of this under the circumstances that I am having to raise money for my daughter. I promise that I am not mean, but I have JUST HAD ENOUGH of these dinner time calls from organizations I never hear of except when they ask for money!

I did get in the studio today to make a few cards (one for toight's blog) and visited Rob's open house in Marlboro. I am making a special present for my many friends for Valentine's Day...which has taken me hours to do, but it is with joy that I make them a gift.

I talked to Megan, some not so great news. I'll save that for her blog. (Meganaid)

Off to finish my gifties, Patti


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