Brief friday musing..

It is late, and my post will be short and sweet. I know, unusual for me. But I could not go to bed without some sort of closure on the day before I get ready to dream.

I had a wonderful day, and what parts of it that were not good are readily tucked away somewhere safe. The day was light as many kids stayed home. After school I went out to celebrate Megan's 23rd birthday- we went out to dinner. There we ran into two very good friends of mine---who know me from my OTHER life time LOL, (one of which whose boat I commandeered to chase a date of mine around on the Hudson...) so we all ate together at one of our favorite spots. After dinner, the kids (are they still kids at 23? will I call them kids at 43?) wanted to see Ghost Rider. Not my favorite genre of movie, but I did enjoy the special effects and it was a joy to be there with her and her friends. Who the hell cared WHAT was playing.

The strangest part of the evening was an accident we witnessed in the parking lot where someone drove their car into the van of a woman who was waiting for her kids to come out of the theater. I won't get into it, but it was surreal.

My friend from Cape Cod is staying with me so for the next few days there will be adventures and lots of conversation and fun. I have not seen her in over six months, and we have so much to catch up on. Another friend from out of town is also going to join us and I suspect the Hudson Valley is going to be terrorized for a bit......Unfortuantely my cats did not appreciate her bringing the scent of her cat/s into the house, so ONE of the monsters just peed on her coat. MAN THEY NEVER DO THAT!!! Groan. How awful is that.

Hope you are all well and happy on this cold night. Patti


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