The Innocence of Childhood

Alanna reminds me of my childhood, what it is be to a child full of discovery and innocence, and how to remember and keep it in my life.

This morning the sun was streaming in beams through the side window, and you could see the dust floating around in the light. Alanna saw this and darted about the sun beams to catch the dust. She would then run to me and hand me her "butterflies". I watched her dance and she looked like a little angel, her back lit blond hair a halo of light.

When tired of the game, she pulled out her blocks to build robots and gates (she loves gates......) and drew pictures and cats and other creatures on her easel. When I gave her water and a paintbrush she proceeded to paint over her drawings, as well as her toys, the toybox.......till the water ran out. Everything was new, everything a discovery.

Then I remembered running kites up and down the block, knowing that if I wished hard enough, my home made kite would get as high as the store bought ones.

I remembered closing my eyes and being able to see brilliant spots of colors dance before my eyes.

I remembered cracking rocks open to see the structure inside, always hoping for some really cool crystal.

I believed in fairies and Santa Claus. The Easter Bunny was a dud.

I felt the excitement and heard the roar of the rides at Adventureland.

And fairy tales where the windows looked like sheets of gold, from the reflection of the sun.

Then somewhere on the journey.....

Princes on white horses turned into men in black leather.

Romps in the playground turned into romps around the world.

My Rollfast turned into a Toyota.

Wishing upon a star is still wishing upon a star.

And dust is still magic floating on invisible currents

Art: Reflections at Olana


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