Into the Fire

It's Friday night. It is bloody cold outside and I refuse to go out again, no matter HOW tempting it is. I’ve hardly been home this week as I filled it with meeting friends, dining, attending various functions and in general, letting go. I feel like I am in the eye of the storm; I take full advantage of this quiet time to spill into the world . Sometimes I wonder if I fill my time so that I don’t think too hard about things.

I’ve been starting my mornings kindly by embellishing my routine. Early morning has become a time to honor and prepare myself for the day. When the alarm goes off I spend time lolling in bed thinking of what I want out of the day, what I have to do, and let the dreams of the previous night slowly slip away. I get my cup of coffee, and today I lit a candle while taking a shower in a dark bathroom. It was scented with lime, vetiver and other exotic scents. Because it was soy, you can scoop out the molten soy from the candle and use it as a crème on your body. Imagine starting the day with your very own spa treatment. A salt scrub and a soy candle scenting, organic face cremes and exotic oil based perfume. I often let my mind wander and imaging what it would be like to have a "lady in waiting" who attended to my every need. Quickly my mind shifts gears (as the coffee is starting to course through my veins) and then I wondering about men-in-waiting. No matter, someone, anyone, doing that would be splendid.

I taught one of my favorite lessons today for Medieval Art. I turned out all lights, lit candles, burned frankincense, and played Gregorian Chant by the Hilliard Ensemble with the jazz saxophone of Jan Gabareck. The students came in for a lecture on the art of illumination, and they proceeded to work on doing some of their own, along with a little breakfast. The kids always love it, though they are a bit weirded out at first. Once they see no human sacrifice, they are ready for the experience.

I am grateful for making it through another week, this one unscathed. If anything, I have been a little wild spirit bouncing off the walls. Some part of it provides entertainment and distraction from the stresses in my life. Another part of it is simply irresistible and inspirational.

Hope you all have a fire in the hearth, and if not, this one is for you.



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