Musings on a Cold Cold Night

Tonight's photo is for my friend Bertha who lives out in western New York, where it is undoubtedly COLD. I don't know if you are still reading this, but this photo's for you!

Several months back I posted a beautiful geisha print from the 1800's and talked about how I have a little geisha and doll collection in my dining room. A geisha paint-by-number from a garage sale, some vintage geisha dolls, some of which are damaged but still need a home, an assemblage, antique prints...and a collection of little dolls from around the world bought by my Great Uncle and my Irish relatvies.

Many of my old things are damaged; my Scottish doll has lost her hair, the Irish one is missing her hat, one of the vintage Japanese dolls is missing a limb, but I cherish them in their all their imperfections as they are still beautiful to me.

I look at them wistfully and wish I had learned how to love people like I learned to love things many years ago, with my children, my family, the men who walked though my life like ghosts through a portal....but I am thankful that I am learning this now, as it is never too late..

Soon I am ready for bed. Not much charge left in what Larry calls his Ever-Ready Girl. I have worked hard all day, worked my body sore, and my mind is wandering and losing steam. There is another fire in the hearth, and I will lie there and muse further still....

Sending love and hugs to you all, Patti


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