a Blue Moon

It is 11:30 PM and I am JUST getting to my blog. The challenge; to make a piece of art AND write something of worth in 15 minutes.

I am still focused on color and atmosphere. Today I drove along the Hudson at sunrise; the clear crisp blue of the sky was reflected in the river, creating tones of rose and turquoise on the ice. Puddles of cobalt were splashed upon the surface; I could not determine if they were breaks in the ice or clouds reflecting on the water, as the road is narrow,winding, and icy, and I so carefully balance my study and driving skills.

Once again I was frustrated that I did not have a camera. But I decided to give that up and enjoy the beauty of the morning and the flight of the turkeys in front of the car.

I crossed the river later today, to visit my friend in Rhinebeck, and go out in Tivoli, and wonderful little artsy town near Bard College. The sun was so intense reflecting off the ice on the river, and was blinding me in its reflection off my rear view mirror.

Once again I was honored by the Hudson.

These days the river has become my god/goddess. I honor her in her tides, her rises and falls, her ever changing moods, and the purveyor of past and future. She has become my comfort and inspiration.

Dar Williams has a beautiful song titled The Hudson and I have posted a few of the lyrics before:
"Where and when does the memory take hold,
mountain range in the Autumn cold
and I thought West Point was Camelot in the spring.
If you're lucky you'll find something that reflects you,
helps you feel your life protects you,
cradles you and connects you to everything.
This whole life I remember as they begged them to itself
never turn me into someone else"

The art....oh thank God for photoshop. A photograph of a sunset in my backyard, a filter. A color, a musing..... once in a blue moon..... patti


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