Deja Vu: To Julie

I am definately sick, and my ass is being kicked by my body. Slow down. Sleep. Don't move much. Heal.

I have no choice but to listen. I have paid the price of ignoring such signs.

My treat of the day was taking myself to get a bagel and a coffee in the late morning and sit in quietude for a bit, going to the bank, and then sat pretty much in one room all day working on my computer, (it needs some major tune-up work before my computer guy comes over...its like cleaning the house before the house cleaner comes....)I worked on taxes. I started writing my speech for tomorrow's benefit for the IVAW...Iraq Veterans Against the War, who help out returning vets.

I have not publically spoken yet, though my views about the war and the govenment are no secret to those who know me. My political activist and PR friend Jay gave my name to the head of the Women in Black chapter in New Paltz. She called and invited me to talk about being the mother of a veteran.

One of my dearest friends Julie who lives in Raleigh called me. I lived with her when I escaped husband number one (danger Will Robinson, danger!) and when almost husband #2 fell out of love with me , I once again left my home and moved into her house. She provided a safe haven for me and my children which helped me to rebuild my life, heal, and her friendship gave me strength. Plus we had some pretty fun times, and still do.

She offered her mother's house for Megan to live in. Her mom passed away last summerand the house is for sale, is vacant, and Julie thought it would be good to have it lived in and taken care of till there is a buyer. It is a sweet little house, set back in the woods in the country, about 20 minutes from my house.
That will take some of the pressure off her bills, and enable her to live quietly and comfortably while she heals during treatments. And also I hope it helps out Julie some too.

Megan's apartment is horrid.. Alanna has not been able to sleep in her room due to a ceiling leak which has bowed the ceiling, making it dangerous to sleep under. Yesterday there was no heat. Often there is little water pressure OR hot water to shower with, and baths are impossible. The driveway is steep and full of potholes. The refrigerator leaks. The downstairs tenents are crazy. Once they came up to Megan's apartment and strangled her because Alanna was jumping upstairs.

Megan so needs some good luck. I hope this works out for everyone.

I smiled with the memories of the kindness and love that Julie gave us, and here it is back again. I am constantly amazed at the workings of life, fate, the universe, God, whatever you want to call it. Julie, you have got lots of brownie points for the next life with all that you have given. I love you and I hope you read this.

Art: digital. Tough to illustrate a deja-vu. Patti


Anonymous said…
and in that house I helped both of you.. how can I help Megan with Julie's mom's house ? edhead

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