This Finger's For....

I am not sure who this finger should be directed to...AOL or Roadrunner. I have roadrunner and AOL...and I just wrote this intelligent, honest blog....and just as I was about to end it, I heard GOODBYE and POOF, there were my words heaved into cybespace never to be found again.

I am pissed. I have such little time, and I make such an effort to write meaningfully and honestly and BOOM.

And, after having this happen several times now, you think I would save my work every few minutes just in case shit like this happens.

But it forced me to examine Jay's great words of wisdom tonight about writing. He told me to write freely, to write honestly, to write as if no one is reading. There I will find my voice and there will I be honest and truthful. So the universe took all of my carefully written thoughts and threw them into the cyber pit and said, well THERE YOU GO PATTI, put THIS in your pipe and smoke it! Didn't you hear what he was saying?

So goodbye to my 45 minute narrative and hello to brevity and dashing off something under time constraints because I am tired and pissy and over it.

I made this card years ago and kept it. I always thought I would use it as a break up card for some man who trampled my heart. Not only is her middle finger raised, but she is forming what I have called the "asshole" symbol. So AOL/Roadrunner Empire, little did I know that this card was sitting around for this moment, when I care enough to send the very best.


Comments said…
Hi Patti.... Love this picture and also love the rant! Reminded me of the time I was taking a class a few years ago..... I was writing a paper and didn't save as I went along...and my computer crashed. Of course, being a procrastinator, the paper was due the next day and it was 10pm. I was grateful that I was quite familiar with the topic, so starting from scratch wasn't as bad as it could have been. Needless to say, I learned my lesson.... take care Patti.... Hugs, Janet

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