Museday....those mornings when I go back to work after a holiday and no matter what day of the week it is, it is still monday....and while sitting on the toilet or taking a shower, I muse as to why the hell I have to work in the first place, how there are so many millionaires in the world and I don't understand why can't one of them be me.....and why can't I just make art and write all the time AND be a millionaire.

But for now I like the steady salary I am making after 15 years of teaching, and I muse myself right into my car and head to work.

Every tuesday is a museday as Megan goes for more chemo and radiation, or has more tests, and I think about her fate, her daughter's, my own fate, and how impermanent and fleeting everything is. I find myself frantic, trying to make every moment count in case tomorrow it has slipped away, morphed into a nebulous memory that drifts though the mind like a fog. I attempt to hold onto every experience, but it moves too fast and indeed all is in the moment.

So in the moment I make art, in the moment I write. In the moment I find someone to hold onto in case I lose strength, in the moment I seek love and wisdom to give me sight. In the moment I give my spirit and heart to anyone who will hold it sacred.

Namaste, Patti

Self Reflection: digital


Janet LeBLanc said…
Hi Patti.... It's been such a treat for me to read your blog. Your writings are so poignant and real. When I read your words and thoughts my emotions run the gamut. My prayers are with you and your family. I may be out to visit Rob in March...I'd love to see you. Please take care of you, I know you are taking care of everyone else...You are an inspiration..... Love, Janet
p.s. my email address is

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