Snow Day Delights

The universe was kind to us today and gave us a gift of a snow day. I have been going at such a breakneck speed, that this forced me to slow down and take time to do some of the things that I have been ignoring for a while. Having Alanna for the past two days has REALLY s l o w e d me down too.

Megan called at 8 am and asked if she could spend the day here. I was delighted, and Dole dropped her off on the way to work. I got to spend the day feeding and nurturing her, and the organic pancakes and chicken soup I made actually stayed in her stomach all day. We made a fire, drank hot cocoa, Dole came by after work and got Megan and Alanna out in the snow for a while. She glowed with happiness and love and said "I have spent the day with the people I most love in the world". Her boyfriend Dole is a loving, kind, gentle man, who has been taking care of Megan and Alanna for several months now. He is supposed to go to Iraq sometime this year and I hope that some miracle happens, and he does not have to go. Megan is going to need him through this and he gives her strength and purpose to keep on fighting the cancer. I have no doubt that her stay in Iraq has made her ill in many ways and enough is enough.

I was not sad today, and I felt fulfilled as a mother. Larry and I have not spent any romantic time together, save for the exchanging of our Valentine gifts. But the evening is not over, if I can find out where he is hiding. Larry, of course, thinks every event is Christmas and gave me such lovely things to drink, wear, and listen to. The piece-de-resistance was the dark chocolate bar with a monkey on it, and the raspberry liquor. Oh, and Love's Illusion, 13th century songs performed by Anonymous 4, is quite inspirational. I will bring that into my art history class tomorrow!

The fire is still burning, I keep getting up from writing to stand in front of its warmth, and become mesmerized and lost in the dancing of the flames. I pull myself away, refocus and write for a while before the fire calls again.

So here I sit on the feast of St. Valentine, basking in warmth,love, and a surprising degree of peace in my heart.

May you be touched with love and peace today too... Patti

The photo: of my scarecrow whose clothes have faded over the year or two that he has graced my yard. Today he looked like a spector, a spirit of the winter and of the wind.


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