First Snowfall

I awoke this morning to the season's first real snowfall. Though only and inch and a half or so, it was heavy and lovely and I HAD to take a pic of it from my studio. This photo was taken about 10:30 am....with the sun shining strong and the sky the most beautiful cerulean blue. (I have to remember that I need another tube of it) I ran around town a bit, my usual saturday bank, Post Office, bagel, and art supply run and settled into the studio to make some cards. I have a few orders and a home show next weekend, and being that I just had the gas tank for my studio refilled, I figured I had better get into production. I REALLY REALLY wanted to paint as the light was wonderful, but I had to work on what I knew I could sell.

For a long time Ebay helped keep my business bills paid, but it has become more and more difficult to do business there; tons of competition and the prices that I am getting are making me wonder if it is worth my time in listing things, except to clean out my surplus goods or to list the occasional rare item that might sell. I have a few buyers who shop in my store, but even that is a lot of work for a small amout of money. I have to rethink all of this, and right now I take my life a day at a time with all that is going on. I do need however to keep the heat paid as well as a few other bills so that I can keep the studio open.

I took Alanna tonight as Megan was going out for the evening. We went to an art opening of children's art, and a show by local children's book illustrators. Alanna loved the jazz that was played by some local high school students, and we bought a book of course for her collection, and then took her out to dinner. She is deep in concentration coloring so I am taking advantage of it and blogging.

Yesterday I got an invite to spend 5 weeks at the Buddhist Monastery in Mt. Tremper, studying Zen training and art. My students were laughing at me as I was talking to myself, saying that though it is something I need and want to do, I have been told that I would be kicked out of the monastary becaue I don't know how to be quiet and empty my mind....(that's what Larry says to me). I did think about how incredible an experience it would be going to the monastery in the mountains, and practicing both art and learning a philosophy that is calling to me. But for a month? I don't know...but I can sign up for individual workshops and it is tempting for me to take the painting workshop. I think I can handle a week...the question is, can they handle ME for a week??? I will email them and ask for more details. It sure is tempting....

Off to put Alanna to bed and then I think I will try and finish Seven Years in Tibet, and hope that the movie gets a bit better...

sweet dreams, Patti


Judy V. said…
Love your old home have you ever painted it? I mean on canvas. I know what you mean about e-bay, competition, prices, time and energy. But you’re a “Power Seller!”

I had a yen to go to Douglas Island, AK they have a Russian Orthodox monastery there and it’s very isolated they take apprentices and pass along Icon painting. I wanted to go except it was 3 or 4 months and I decided the discipline is not for me. Still we all need something for our artistic souls else we get cranky, right.
Have a great Sun Day
Judy V
MB Shaw said…
Very intriguing opportunity. Like you, I don't know if I could be quiet that long. It is an interesting proposition though. Sometimes it seems the biggest challenge is what we need to do the most? Easy for me to say, ha,ha.
inventivesoul said…
I love how you joked and wondered if they could handle *you*...

You are so funny!


I am catching up on your blog today.
I also see that you love your broken dolls, I believe that you DO know how to love people as much as material things.
You have loved a LOT of broken people, and you still do.
You have a fine heart Ms. Gibbons!
And excellent taste in edibles!!!

Yum yum, steak and onion soup!

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