Scorpio's Revenge

Larry worked today, so I found myself a free woman again. Karen called me to go to the gym, and I decided that it was a good Sunday morning activity. I had not been in a while and need to get myself back into the good physical condition I was in before a fell..over a year and a half ago. No skiing, no running, no high impact sports. So off to the gym and onto the elliptical and tread mill where I managed to pump out a few miles and wake up some of the muscles that have been dormant for a while. I need the endorphin rush too from a good workout these days and hope that it keeps me a bit more balanced. After a stretch and some great conversation, we took a sauna and then out into the COLD....Fortunately the sauna gets your body so warm that it lasted long enough for me to get some gas, the paper, and a few other things..then back home to the studio.

I started another small painting and got the under painting sort of figured out, and will work a bit here and see where it takes me. Not ready to post yet, but it always feels good to get out there and paint. The only thing to make a better end to the day would have been someone bringing me dinner and wine...some French Onion soup, filet Mignon, garlic potatoes.....

For tonight's art I posted a piece in progress. The figure is not part of it yet, just laid on top of it. Unfortunately the files I have to use here end up getting pretty compressed and you lose much of the detail in the work. You really can't see the fire burning on the right hand side of the panel. It a piece I have had hanging around my studio for a while in various stages and I am probably attracted to the figure as she reflects passion, tempestuous emotion, and revenge. If I can't take revenge in the "real" world, I can certainly get it out here. (you are probably thinking..good thing she paints!)

I am off to take a hot bath, the fire is roaring in the fireplace now, and I have some nice red wine. Left overs from last nights meal will be a quick fix for dinner, then lesson plans, a movie, or a book...The weekends are never enough time to rebuild and be ready for monday!

Stay warm, and for those of you in the great northeast, may your cars start in the morning!



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