A Gift from the Universe

I was BLESSED with the gift of another snow day, and to boot, I had no one at home with me!!!! I stayed in bed till 9:15 reading The Kite Runner and sipping my coffee that Larry so graciously brought up to me so that I did not have to go downstairs. I spent an hour and a half reading, which is a pleasure I have long forgotten.

The day flew, doing sundry chores such as picking up dry cleaning, doing laundry, some abominable house cleaning, but then treated myself to a massage, a healing with my chiropractor, and lunch with a great friend. I cancelled my German class as I knew I had to be home alone tonight, doing whatever I wanted without anyone watching or caring. I am sipping some wine while still doing chores, but that and checking my emails and doing a little dance or two help break of the monotony of every day life. And sometimes I LIKE the monotony of every day life, especially since my life is so.....active.

Though it was very cold out, I did not seem to mind the wind or the chill; I was thrilled to be alone and a free spirit, even if only for a day.

Tonight's art is an oil painting I did in my friend Rob's studio under his tutaledge. It reminds me of stormy summers on the ocean. I have not been to the ocean since my Mexico trip in August; I am hoping that I make it someplace warm this Easter break. The only thing that could have made today better would have been a brief spell of sun and heat.

Anyone have a sun lamp?



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