Another Hudson Trip

Though this is unfinished, this is the start of a small painting inspired by my trips along the Hudson. Tonight's entry on Megan's blog talks about the trips I make to see her when she is sick from chemo, and now, radiation.

This painting was influenced by one of my photos one of my recent trips. I have been photographing the river when I can borrow a decent digital camera. I am seriously entertaining buying a Nikon digital 5 mp, which is far better than my six year old Olympus, at 1.3 megapixels, with no zoom. (it is only 99.00) I need a decent digital camera as I like to document my life through the landscape and whatever else might be an inspiration.

I received a wonderful post from last night's blog. It made me cry. Amber was right, I have indeed been loving broken people for a long time, and I still do. That is my modus operandi; to give myself less credit than I deserve. It must be the intense Catholic Jesuit influence my father left to me as his legacy; to flagellate myself and believe I am indeed not worthy. Funny how we can't shake those things. Larry calls it "shoe shit".

The evening with Alanna was fun. A friend gave us a huge container of large Lego type blocks and Alanna wanted me to build gates. I told her that she could be an architect. It was so funny to hear a two year old say "architect". She is quite smart, perhaps too much for her own good. She is animated and intense..guess the apple does not fall far from the tree as her mom is a wonderful yet intense woman, and I have been told I am much the same. Alanna will carry on our legacy of brains, brawn, and balls. LOL. But right now, Legos are perfect for her fine motor skills. The tag on the gift read " Every girl should have her own construction company". Rosalind, you are so right and thank you for giving her a head start!

Off to dream and fantasy land in the great northeast, xxpatti


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