My Buddha

Wow. What an intense day I just had. It was intense in all senses, and I must find a point of balance and peace before I go to sleep.
I met up with my cousin and his wife and daughter for lunch. I had not met his daughter since she was a very young girl. She is in a crossroads of college decisions, and they wanted both Larry and I to talk to her about various options in the arts as we are both artists. My re-introduction to this young relative was one of a beautiful, elegant, passionate young woman who was a breath of fresh air in my life. I have no doubt that she will do well in whatever she chooses. She has the support and love of family. I have only recently re-connected with my cousin, and it has been a heart-warming experience.

Later on I had a party that was thrown in honor of one of my co-workers who is fiendishly battling a very nasty cancer that won't let go. A group of us gathered who have worked together or kept in touch over the past 15 years. It was a poignant time; I was not sure I could handle it. But strength and love took over and it was such a beautiful celebration of all of our lives as teachers, friends, and more....... I did not want to be sad, I wanted to rejoice in the moment for the life of my friend who was still here with us, and all of us were honored by being there with her.

I had much on my mind when I came home. Career paths, sickness, camraderie, and so much love and caring that I am still dumbfounded by it all. Things that I have been trying to manifest in my life come to life...and it is all powerful, good, and oh-so-sacred to me.

Larry is lending? me an extra digital camera he has to let me see if I like it. I hand held the camera w/out flash to get this picture of a wonderful Buddha assemblage I bought from a dear friend. I light candles near my Buddha when I am home, and stop as I pass by to reflect on the art and the peace and my path. Tonight I say thanks for the family and friends that I do have who love and honor me. To you all, I give unconditional love and everlasting devotion. In peace, Patti


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