Back to Winter

Flashback to March 13th and 14th of 1991 0r was it '92. I had bought this wonderful house with a man I was engaged to and loved. I was thrilled. We had moved in together a few months before after dating for 5 years. I thought life just did not get any better; a man who loved me, a beautiful old house, securing my first professional job as a teacher after working hard to get my college degree while being a single mother, and a lovely cherry red VW Jetta. My first NEW car.

Julie (my best friend) and Dave her husband were up from North Carolina, and it was her birthday. They braved the storm and came over to hang with us for a bit. We were snowed in for two to three days, and I remember having to drive like a maniac to get up our hill, and how around the curve I spun out and bounced off a snow bank. (laughing) I don't remember if it was 2 or 3 days we were off from school.....

And here, 15+ years and a few days later, I am revisiting this storm. Megan is living in Julie's mom's house, I am sitting here in the very same house, but with a different man, and it is still storming out hard. I am perhaps a bit sadder this storm than last.....back then I was still rather full of innocent foolishness and wishing upon stars and kissing and laughing and believing in romantic love....... and getting what I thought I wanted. I still wish upon stars, and am romantic and believe in love, but it has become somewhat tempered by sadness, disappointment, and heartbreak, and I am a hell of a bit more real about it. Some of my dreams still come true, and I will never give up working on others, and I will always be in love with love.....

I don't mind the snow. I know the strength of the sun will make short work of it soon. And someday I will be out of my boots.

To Spring! patti

Pic taken looking out my side window...and you can see the remains of last year's sunflowers that feed the birds. Oh, and my little cobalt pyramid. That is very special.


David Zimmerman said…
We think is '94

Dave and Julie

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