I was going to be my usual double entendre self and title my blog something slightly different, but I stopped because I knew that I would get a sudden rush of traffic to this blog, and it would have NOTHING to do with the fact that I have been discovered as a writer or an artist.

Though I am not a computer tek, I do fiddle around on it enough to be able to troubleshoot, write a bit of code, make and upload my own website etc. One of the things I have done is install a stats counter on my blog. I can see how many people look at my blog every day, as well as how they got to me: IE search keywords, or if they got to me through my website etc. On occasion I check these stats, and have found out some interesting information.

One of the top keywords that was used was Aquaveet. I wrote a blog about a party and drinking too much Aquaveet, and voilla, since January I have been found because of this one episode. I am sure that they don't ever come back again, as do most people who stumble upon me, but it is amusing to figure out how they find me. I have used the words sensuous with a combo of other words from time to time, and for a while I was getting hits based upon keywords of people looking for some racy stories. Sadly, I do not write my Anais Nin stories here (I don't think that is allowed now, is it) though you KNOW I would love to.

I have also been found using the query: "what do Gibbons eat". Gibbons, meaning the monkey. But, because I did a whole blog on my family name and joke, I came up. Having the title of the blog starting out to be EAT MAN has also bought me some traffic.

So tonight I am playing it safe. Oh, and the blog title is based upon this sweet late 1800's card I had in my studio. I just loved the blossoming tree, the interestingly dressed child, and the cavorting kitty. It breathed spring to me, as did the murmuring trickle of water seeping out from under snow banks in my yard. I can just see the top part of the Buddhas head today in the garden behind the stone wall. I measure the progress of spring now by the unveiling of my garden sculptures.

May your monday be gentle to you tomorrow. Patti


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