Woodstock in the Spring

I just thought this was the cutest photo of Alanna and Achilles. Achilles is Megan's boyfriend Dole's dog....an 85 pound Pit Bull who is in love with Alanna. He has a toy rope, and she holds one end, he the other, and he pulls her around the room. She pulls on his ears and tries to pull him around....and he endures it. Megan says he is an 85 lb lap dog. He did growl when Dole was tickling Alanna and she started crying, as if to say CUT IT OUT. The Buster Brown dog and the dog on the Little Rascals were also pit bulls. I get a bit nervous as Pit Bulls have gotten a bad rap, but after my research, a well trained pit bull is as safe as any other dog. And Achilles is a big big baby. He jumps a bit too much for my liking and needs some training in that department, but he seems to be very very friendly.

I took my first spring trip up to Woodstock today. I was surpised at how busy it was and had a hard time finding close parking. I walked through town, and saw my friend Jay and Rita who own the florist shop. I have known them for 25 years and they are a town institution. I used to work in the store next to them, and even delivered flowers for them for a while when I was pregnant with one of my kids.

Woodstock has some stores and restaurants that have been around since I started hanging out there as a teen in the early 70's...at a time where it was still legal (or no one bothered them) to have Head Shops, and people smoked pot in town and rarely got harassed. I suspect there is still a lot of that happening, but I think it is more hidden now. Joshua's, Candlestock, Jean Turmo are still there, as is the Corner Cupboard, the Little Bear, the Bear Cafe, Clouds, the Kleinart Art Gallery, Jaritas, the Golden Notebook. There is a comfort in seeing such places survive 35 years, and it is still fun to walk though town, watch the townies strut their stuff, the kids still hanging out on the green.

I have fond memories of Woodstock. I lived about 20 miles away in the mountains towards the ski centers, but was able to catch the Trailways bus on the main road to get a ride into town. I had friends I would stay with, and my parents never knew what shenanigans we were up to, such as going out at 15 to the Joyous Lake, hearing fabulous bands and dancing to disco and motown into the wee hours of the night, partying of course. We never got into too much trouble, and that was pretty amazing considering some of the stupid stuff we did.

My clothes came from Woodstock, I kissed many boys and men there. Once in a while I will run into one of them, and we will wink at one another and have a good laugh. I always made it a rule that I never seriously dated anyone from town as it was so incestuous. The one time I did spelled trouble, and I never broke my rule again.

Woodstock is still a cool town. You never know who you might see as many of the stars who live in NYC have second homes up there. The Bear Cafe is a good place to have a drink or dinner and people watch. I have sat across from Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke (when they were together) and there are many famous rock and rollers who show up...as well as Brad Pitt and Liv Tyler and others. The Bearsville Theater is right behind the Cafe, and hosts many fabulous concerts. I have seen Bruce Cockburn, Happy Rhodes, Sam Phillips, T-Bone Burnett, Orleans, and so many others. The last time I was there was for my friend's birthday party. People thought we were glam rock and roll stars (they thought Rhona was Patti Smith, which meant the rest of us were important people..) and later on her friends, who were fire spinners, put on a show under the stars on a very cold night.

I bought some gifts for friends and family in town, stopped and chatted with a few old friends, and smiled on the way home. I still feel the love and the magic, and remember poignantly all those nights that I was wild, young and free, swimming at Big Deep, learning about love and life.
The best part is, it is only a quick 20 minute drive.....and the memories and entertainment is pricelss.

PEACE, patti


Judy V. said…
OMG that is the cuttest photo in the world. I love your description of Woodstock, the townies the whole feel. One day I'll bolg about living in Virginia City, Nevada. I'll Dreg up an old boy friend Tom Gray who owned the Virginia Truckee Railroad once we played on the tracks with Neil Young later that night attended his concert and he mentioned Tom and Judy and then sang us a song. It was a great day!
mecharmygrl said…
hey mommy...thanks for putting this pic up, i'm glad i'm not the only one who melted when i saw it (hahaha and i was the photographer)

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