Don't Worry, Be Happy

I took tonight off.

I was still sick last night, so I decided to cancel German class, and the only plans I made for the evening was to take care of myself. A few phone calls later I had booked a visit with my wonderful healer/chiropractor, and an appointment for a massage. Total hedonism, and much needed.

I had such intense day at work…you have no idea. And I can’t discuss it here…but when I say it was nuts…it is more than anyone could image that goes on in a school such as the one I work in.

I was crazy with the energy of the day, and everything in my mind and heart, which has been boiling over for days - came to a head. Yet rather than melt down I had a flash of wisdom and truth----- I needed to lighten up and laugh again. I have kept to myself and buried myself in my work since Megan first got sick in October….and I forgot what it was like to be my silly zany self.

So I laughed, I played, and I smiled…and it felt great. It bought incredible energy back to me, and back to others. I hope I can maintain it. But I am aware of it now, and know I need to keep good thoughts and energy going if I want to attract more of it into my life.

After my energy and chiro work, I headed over to Gina’s for my fabulous massage. I lay on the table for a few moments, feeling the heated lambskin wrap under the flannel sheet. I sank down into it and smiled . The room is dim, the candles are lit, the oil is fragrant. I am relaxed and working on emptying my head of the day’s detritus.

Enya plays quietly in the background, but she makes me think of other times and other things and I struggle with emptying my mind. At one point I give up and give into it and enjoy the strong massage while wandering around in another world. It’s ok because it was a good world that I escaped into……

When I made this card, and saw this image, I had a flashback to 45 years ago…….I was about 3 or 4 and upon my waking up my two wonderful aunties were standing in my bedroom. They were angels to me, and I was .probably holding my head the very same way as I thought I was seeing a vision. It’s funny that I can still remember that day like it was yesterday.

Tomorrow night a good friend is taking me to hear Johnny Winter and Leon Russell. We have gone to a few concerts together, and we ALWAYS make sure we laugh.

And it will be good.


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