Another fine blog lost thanks to AOL/ROADRUNNER. I am pissed. I am not doing it again. You have been spared.

In summary, it was about driving, about the freedoms and experiences that driving gave me as a teen, and of those pleasures that it still gives me. I escape from the world, and I absorb the landscape, listen to the music or to my mind, make notes, photograph. I compose my blogs, or rehearse a lesson. Sometimes I even go places in my mind I would not dare to go in reality. The road becomes the outline of my life...the experiences fill it in.

One of the stops in my day of driving was to meet Annie and Susan in this little place in Saugerties called Chiptole Grill. Housed in an old pizza hut, the husband and wife do a nice job, and a sweet waitress really made it a cozy experience. Susan interviewed me for an article she is writing in wake of the current Walter Reed fiasco. It was a very intense conversation, and I felt myself getting more and more angry at the crimes our government is committing every day. That's OK, this is only the tip of the iceberg and I think that the ball is rolling, and I for one, will make sure it stays in motion. And if you haven't already seen it, rent or buy The Ground Truth, and visit the site.

I am stepping down off my soap box and going to bed. I am so frustrated that I lost my blog...........patti


Anonymous said…
I know it's frustrating to lose something you worked so hard on. Is it possible to write your post in Notepad or Word, then cut and paste? If the post doesn't go through, then you just cut and paste again!

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