Electronic Obsessions

I have spent a majority of the past few days obsessing about several things (I am good at that by the way…multi-tasking obsessing…) one of which is my broken CD player in the car. I cannot play or eject any of my 5 CD’s, and it is maddening to not have a choice of what I want to hear. Music is such an integral part of my being, and though at times the radio can be ok, for the most part I like to chose my tunes according to my mood and the moment.

I fear that one of them is stuck. And, after doing all my investigating, I suspect it is the Red Hot Chili Peppers mix that my girlfriend made for me and it might have had a paper label on it. In checking online, the paper labels pasted on top of a CD make it a a titch bit too thick for players that are not tray CD players, and often jammie up those CD players in cars. DID I KNOW THERE BEFORE I PUT IT MY CHILE PEPPERS?????? NO.

So, digging further on the net (while I am thinking, why isn’t there a Mr. Wonderful who just appears like a genii to fix this for me) I read about the paper clip trick. I go to the car, but my car does not have that little slot. I stuck the clip around a bit, not really caring if I was hurting the CDs, as all I want is my CD player back . Nothing works. Click. Whirl. Error. Now silence.

I read about pulling the radio fuse, but first I had to go back out to the car to find the Manual and see where I put the security code for the stereo. I eventually find the code card, and as soon as it is warmed up tomorrow, I am taking my cup of coffee, and going on the hunt for my fuse box and the right fuse that goes to the radio. Can’t hurt, can it?

In the meantime, I am desperate. I am driving all over Ulster and Dutchess county with no music. I decide to make a tape of some of my favorite tunes. I play the tape in the car on my way to Rhinebeck tonight. It wows and garbles and had no consistency in its clarity. I hear this god-awful hissing when I crank the volume.

I am dismayed.

However, I have not given up. Tomorrow I play with the fuse, then I put out an email to friends who are electronic buffs. If that does not net me any success, I will put on my best jeans and sweater, and march my butt to Best Buy and see what kind of deal I can wheedle out of them to help me. Me thinks I am too old to get much help out of the young guys who work there…but it can’t hurt to try it.

And I am still trying to visualize that it will work. I will hit a huge bump, and all will be fine. (I have tried smashing on the top of it-perhaps it needs to come from underneath.)

AMIDST the garble and hiss I bid you good night, xxpatti
PS and IF YOU KNOW the answer to this problem, would you find the link to my email on my bio page and tell me?!!!


MB Shaw said…
This totally sucks, ugh. Good luck with Best Buy. I have complete faith in you....I once did a similar thing at Home Depot and a guy taught me how to tuck point my chimney. Women on a mission are quite compelling :-)

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