Galaxy of Emptiness

Tonight's title is the title of a Beth Orton song. Sometimes the lyrics and the melody of a song just grab me by the most sensitive of heart strings. I listen to it over and over. It becomes one with me, I become one with it. I know every nuance, every chord. Then one day, I hear another song...and that song touches a new emotion. And such is one of the cycles of my life, and I suspect for many of you too.

Then one day, you are in a supermarket, or on a back road with the top down, in a friend's car, or in an airport. One of THOSE songs plays and it all comes back and slams you in the heart. You remember every feeling, every sadness, every joy that you ever lived in that song.

Tonight it is frigid. I am deep in thought, wrapped in a robe to keep the cold draft off me from the French windows which rattle with the intense wind. So much going on in my life, so much confusion. So many feelings, so many paths before me. I try to think clearly, to be wise, and be true and honest to myself and others - and search for the answers.

Last night I posted a few lines from this song; tonight is another part of it which inspired tonight's digital work. The files are so compressed that you can't see the detail and what is in the picture, but at least you get the mood.

The stars light a sky
On a galaxy of emptiness tonight
Though I'm happiest
When there's no reason for me to be

With no one's expectation to weigh heavy on my heart
And so much hope it sometimes tears me all apart
Won't you please
Knock me off my feet for a while?
Could you please
Knock me off my feet for a while?

'Cause there's a galaxy of emptiness tonight....


MB Shaw said…
Because of this post I ordered a 2 CD set of Beth Orton and it arrived yesterday. Somehow I had never heard of her and I love the depth of her voice and the words. So thanks!

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