Four Hands are Better than Three or Less

I had a murky day. Too much on my mind, and given a sudden jolt of hormones to boot, equated melt down. I was listening to yoga music while eating my lunch with the lights off, and someone flipped a switch in my brain or heart, and I just started crying. If I weren't at school I would not mind so much, but when I do it there it sometimes triggers looks and questions. I try and keep my personal life to myself except for close friends.

I did get a wonderful gift today, and in spite of the fact that I have tons of shit falling on my head on a daily basis, the universe is kind and bequeaths random gifts when I most need them.

Gina was getting a lesson on a type of two person massage and she and her partner needed a willing body. I love massage and it transforms me, so it was not difficult to volunteer for. We went to the new spa at the Emerson, and there I experienced a small piece of heaven.

The Abhyanga massage consists of a series of ayurvedic techniques, combined with the dripping special hot oil from your head to your toes, all done by two massage therapists working in unity. My entire body was annointed and then massaged, including breasts and butt, which I have rarely encountered in other massages. After the massage I was scrubbed down with a powder of sandalwood and patchouli, which helps absorb the oil.

After an hour of nirvana, I indulged myself in a hot shower, shampoo, and a lotion rub. Gina gave me a tour of the place and we ended up in the Emerson's restaurant where we had a glass of white wine. Then off to Gina's where she made me dinner (and I SO LOVE that)

So I sit here and am musing back on some of the past few days events, and I am sad, but with a sort of odd detatchment from it all. I feel more like an observer than a participant, and that is good because as an observer I may find some insight.Thank you Gina (and Renee) for the fabulous massage and lovely evening. It picked me right up by my bootstraps and set me up straight.

This is one of Larry's few digital works. When I saw it I fell in love. The light and the tones remind me of Vermeer. And the hand. It is a strange fetish I have, but I love men's hands (ok, SOME men's hands) and Larry's have always been up there on the rating scale of hands. So, since the best part of my day involved hands, I thought this piece very appropo. Thanks Larry for letting me use this even though I did not ask you.


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