Symbol of the Barn

"To see a barn in your dream, signifies feelings kept in your unconscious. There is a possibility that you may be holding back your instinctual action or natural urges". (a possibility??!!)

Tonight's image is of a barn that I took a photo of on the way to Mohonk Mountain house one afternoon. The photo came out with a weird dreamlike glow to it. It was eerie. Probably old chemicals, old film, who knows. I shoot with anything on hand..old disposable cameras way past their due date, then aged to perfection in the glovebox of my car all summer.

As an older teen I was obsessed with barns. Was it their beautiful red against verdant fields that called out to me? Was it the beauty of their construction, even when aged to a skeleton of sky and timbers?

I never thought of it until now, but I painted my house a few years ago a beautiful dark barn red. It is stiking against gold, green and orange trims. I am in love with it and every day when I come home I smile.

I was inside a barn once, when I was a teen and helped hay some fields. We drove through the fields in a truck, and tossed the bales into the back. When the truck was full, we rambled back to the barn, when they got thrown off and stacked. The bales were quite heavy, and I remember breaking out in the worst hives and having problems breathing as I was allergic to the grasses. I went home fairly miserable that day, though I never regretted the experience!!!

Oh and YES I DID GET MY TAXES DONE ON TIME!!! Early!!!! It has been years!!! And, I am getting a refund, a decent one! But alas, the business did not make a profit, and I will be sitting down and making a new plan. I really have had enough of spinning my wheels and am going to think prosperity, abundance and getting better business sense!

Off to write my Meganaid blog. Megan has not been well, and though I try and keep upbeat, snippets of fear and statistics creep into my brain and worry me. I ran into someone who runs a Buddhist chanting group once a week and told me that she can help transform these doubts into a solid foundation of strength. It all sounds good to me.

In peace, Patti


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