On the Lighter Side of Life......

I am keeping this short as it is late and I still have tax work to do before I retire. I have spent many, many hours doing my taxes, and each year I get so little back..like a few hundred dollars. It seems ludicrous to even be investing that sort of time into it, but like so many things, it is a necessary evil.

I don't think that my business has made a profit yet. And one sure realization is, that I don't know who is making huge bucks out there on ebay, because between the Ebay and Paypal fees, and the time to photograph/scan, list the item, then do the shipping for the sale, you are already behind the eight ball. I am going to have to rethink my art, and how to spend more of my time MAKING art and find a way to market it on the internet that is less time consuming and expensive. Of course, that is a challenge when you are working a full time job AND helping out with a 2 year old and a sick child.

Tonight's photo was at my friend Ruben's house. We have worked together for 15 years, been through marriages, relationships, and divorces together. We are really close friends, and I joke in school that he is my husband who cooks. (and oh boy can he COOK) His 7 year old daughter Talia was there, so the girls played with the little chicks that hatched about a week ago, they played on the piano a bit, and we all ate dinner and hung out together. The girls wanted pictures, and this is what they wanted pictures of-them sticking their tongues out. Silly kids.

So here's to you Mr. IRS tax man. You got lots of my hard earned money. And to think what it funds makes me sick. But...I will just look at these two girls and laugh, because that is all one can do. And, it makes for less wrinkles.

TO JOY and LAUGHTER and being in touch with the child in you, Patti


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