Knock Me Off my Feet

Steve Weis
Behind the Face
Oil on Canvas, 72 x 36"

Ani Tachdjian
My Brother's Keeper?
Oil on Paper, 72 x 42", right panel

I am hoping that if I stay home today I will be mostly better by tomorrow. I am trying to focus on healing and taking everything that I have...Emergen-C,ginger tea, Zicam, and at night, codeine cough medicine. . I have spent a large part of the past 10 days at home except for the days I had to teach, and I have had enough.

I have to admit I did sneak out last night to go to Ani Tachdjian and Steve Weis's opening. The paintings were dark, and similar in their aura of mysticism, mythology and magic. I would find myself going back to several paintings, and each time I looked at them, figures,eyes,and erotica appeared like magic.....enticing me, pulling me into their mysterious worlds. I sipped on my champagne and let the images seduce me. I have been in a bit of a dark place for a while now...and it was easy to fall into into it unnoticed under the guise of looking at art.

I took care of my body and soul today by going out into the studio. No matter what is going on, it is a place of comfort and safety. I put on some music, and periodically I will hear a new piece of music which enraptures my soul. Life has been really tough, and I have so many questions, and there is so much at stake. I am seeking the answer and a way to find a place of peace.

Beth Orton's Galaxy of Emptiness (from PASS IN TIME, a collection of her work; a great diverse CD. This was one of the many stellar pieces meant to be heard on a good surround sound system) It is a haunting sound and interesting mix.... smoky, slow and the paintings of the previous night.....

The stars light a sky
On a gutter full of broken dreams tonight
Though I'm not content, that's the way it seems to be
Still, I've been fighting all week
Though I don't know what for
Hoping someone else, somewhere near knows the score
Won't you please
Knock me off my feet for a while?
Could you please
Knock me off my feet for a while?
'Cause there's a galaxy of emptiness tonight
A whole galaxy of emptiness tonight

There's a galaxy of emptiness tonight,
a whole Galaxy of emptiness tonight.........................



inventivesoul said…
I miss you!
I have been so busy, not well, and trying to keep up with life.

I miss you and you will see a parcel from me before the month is through.

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