Just Got In

Actually, the title of this card should have been "but Jay cheered her up", but all I had was Robin..sooooo.

Jay came and picked me up after work and we headed to Albany to hear Johnny Winter and his band and Leon Russell. It was a hoot. A very interesting mix of people, and it was mostly my age or older. Very few under 45+ crowd, LOL. It was certainly a different perspective on things, and I realized that I am not liking moving up that age ladder with my friends.

But let me tell you, these musicians don't know about age when it comes to their music and performing. They both appeared somewhat frail; Johnny needed help walking, and Leon seemed ok with his cane, but once they got on stage, they played and sang like they were 30 years old. Their energy blew me away, and believe me, I have a lot of energy. I was glad that I saw these legends live with their bands. And, the acoustics at the Egg were pretty good!

My energy is running out. I am off to bed, but because of my compulsiveness about writing every day, I had to report something before being quiet.

till tomorrow xxp


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