Goin to California

I am often a spontaneous person. In fact, the best times that I have had were not planned, or planned at the last moment. I don't like traveling alone, I like flying alone even less. I have only flown to visit Julie in Raleigh several times (groan---and a few flights were bad experiences....planes landing in pot holes and getting stuck, mini tornadoes skirting across the ground..and more...) and this will be a first traveling cross country alone. But I need to push myself to a place beyond my safe zone, and I am in desperate need for a vacation AND an adventure.

I HOPE I booked a ticket to San Francisco for 5 days of my spring break. I say I HOPE as still have not recieved a confirmation email from American. I used the miles I have been saving for years. I don't have money to travel this spring, so I finally broke down and used my miles. I have never been to visit Bardet who still owns a house within walking distance to me here in the Hudson Valley, but moved out to Sausalito several years ago. There is no time like now, which is something I have learned with my accident and Megan being sick.

It works out perfectly for me...I can go during the week and still have the weekend before to pack, and the weekend after to recover. I want to spend some of the time with my family and in the studio, and some of the time away from ANY obligations. I am pretty fried I have to admit.

I read this sunday's New York Times magazine article at the end of the school day on Women in the Military. My cousin forwarded me the article; it angered me, saddened me, and the Times has only covered part of the story...about the sexual abuse/harassment, and PTSD. It did not cover the pregnancy stories, the neglect, and the diseases and medical problems that are surfacing in these women. I was glad to see this exposed as I have wanted to go public on this three years ago, but out of respect for my daughter, I kept silent. However, now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag, I stand strong and speak loudly about my outrage of how the military has treated both our men AND women. I think we should send the Bush girls over there to serve like any other American soldier... let's see how they fare and how GW and wife would react.

JUST GOT THE CONFIRMING EMAIL....I am going to terrorize the west coast with Bardet.
I had one of my first dating experiences with a man I met on the ferry to Sauselito back in the 70's..but THAT is for another blog. It is an interesting story..... and parts of it I will have to leave out.

Tonight's photo is of a Victorian paper angel and my genii incense bottle that is a wonderful sparkly green, and a handmade Valentine card by one of my students whom I adore. And, it's all good.


MB Shaw said…
Can I stow away in your luggage. I'll be good, I promise. Plus fun, I can be fun. LOL. Geez, I so miss SF. You will have a wonderful time and you soooo deserve a break.

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