Give Me Your Finger

This is one of my "Bad Girls" Nursery Crime series of greeting cards. Yeah, I know it is bad, but you know, there is a place in ALL of us that goes there, whether we care to admit it or not.

I was pretty sick all day. I allowed myself to go to the studio as I had missed being in it so much this week. In spite of the fact that it flooded, I was desperate to get in there - even mopping and sweeping the floors was a pleasure. I did get some cards made to send as thank you notes for those who have been so generous in donating to Megan's fund.

Lois dropped off a birdhouse that I am supposed design for a big fundraiser in Rhinebeck, NY. I asked her if I could do a collage/assemblage, and use text that has double entendres. She reminded me that Rhinebeck is rather conservative, and it WILL be in store windows,and that it was a benefit for kids. OOPS I said, I will make the verse tame. Some pretty famous people make birdhouses for this benefit, including Annie Leibovitz.

I briefly popped into a few openings to support some friends, and Lois whisked me down to the Watermark Gallery, where Ben has the most amazing collection of African Art. It is like a museum! Lois bought a piece of Kuba textile/cloth. After that, to the Armadillo for margaritas and a bit of food. One of the high points was meeting a man whom Lois knew, who has a marina down on the Hudson River in Marlboro. He told me that I could paint there any time, and I will go down in the spring and check it out for its potential. I am gathering my list of vistas for this summer, and I am getting very excited about doing it.

Off to bed. I must get well.



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