Back on Iraq

After a long day at work I had gone to the tanning booth to get a few more minutes of light, rest, and hopefully a bit of color before I take off in a week. The reality is that it is just as warm in Sauselito as it is here, just a bit more consistent. Easter break is my celebration of the return of sun and warmth which I have been awaiting since the days started getting shorter. In my little pod I erase the days detritus and welcome the light and the warmth as I lay there.

On the way out I stopped to talk with Jamie, the young single mother who works there, who was also once my student. She asked about Megan, and I filled her in on her cancer and treatment.

Her young friend was standing next to me. With intense green eyes she looked at me and said "is she back from Iraq?". I said yes, and told her that ever since Megan returned from Iraq she has been very ill.

This young woman proceeded to tell me about her boyfriend who returned a year ago, who has horrid stomach ulcers which make him vomit several times a week, and how she has to wake him up as he is screaming from his nightmares. His back is also destroyed and he is in pain.

She was bitter, young, and trying to make sense of it all. I felt her pain, her frustration in trying to help a young man she is supposed to marry. She was angry at Bush, at the war, and desperately wanting to make a life with this damaged young man.

I wish I had some words of wisdom to give her; I could only nod my head. I told her how lucky he was to have such a sweet fiance, and that she should seek out others for support.

I got into my car and sat for a bit. I could not put on any music as my CD player is still broken (that is for tomorrow's rant) so I sat silently in my thoughts. My stomach churned thinking about the damage, the uncertainty, how death still reaches out its hand beyond the war zone.

Part of this escape to Sauselito is my need to escape the reality and the fragility of my life. I need to gather strength and peace to help my family who so desperately need me.

How many lives are being challenged and destroyed every day due to this fucking stupid war Mr. Bush? How does it affect YOUR family?

In contemplation, Patti


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