Monty Python

This bug I have seems to only be getting worse instead of better; I have been sick for a week now, and am losing my voice and it is in my chest. Tough to teach like that, though I am sure that some people in my life are glad I am low key and keeping quiet.

I dragged myself to German class too and we had a really hard lesson. At one point I almost gave up and was going to go home, but Patrick picked me up and I had no car. Two plus hours later, my brain was smoking...

We have a flood watch posted, so I just dashed out in the sleet to the studio to pick up anything but plastic on the the floor in case it floods. In my moving things I found this odd piece which has been floating around for a long time. I never do anything with it as it is too bizarre for a card, and not something I would frame. It just sorts of appears now and then.

As I looked at it, I thought how "Monty Pythonesque", and I remembered the laughs I have had out of The Holy Grail and The Meaning of Life. A few summers ago when I was laid up for a month after surgery, I pulled out these movies as I needed some comic relief.

I think I am going upstairs to watch Comedy Central. No words of wisdom, or deep introspection here tonight. I can't find the energy to think, but I could sure use a good laugh with a nip of brandy!



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