The Back of the Buddha

Ever since I ended school I have not quite gotten the feel of what vacation is supposed to be. All I have done is go to my doc appointments, babysit, clean up the messes that have piled up over the weeks..

I finally had some quiet time to myself for an hour and put on my bikini top and laid out in the sun with my headphones on. I normally like the quietude of silence, but I listen to music because I want to drown out the sound of the ringing phone, of the cars that race down my street, and the barking of the neighborhood dogs.

As soon as I sat outside the sun hid behind thick clouds and my neighbor came over for an hour of incessant chatter. I wanted to scream. I felt like my entire day was this photograph..looking at the back end of the buddha, never quite getting to see him head on and absorb his peaceful face.

I will try tomorrow. I have no responsibilites other than to myself and will try once more to escape from the needs of others. I did get a good part of my new blog designed, some cards made, and had dinner on the Hudson, so all is not lost. For that I am grateful.

Here's to a day of work but with no one around, and to getting SOMETHING DONE!!!



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