Pin Ups Part II

One of my pet peeves is the way society uses sex to sell anything, yet if we, as women, embrace our sexuality, we are considered as someone less than moral or ethical.

The ancient Greeks, who were one of the most intelligent cultures to have developed, did not have the sexual hang ups we have now. Men had sex with men, women with women, and it was part of the culture. Out of this culture came great thinkers, artists, architects, playwrights.

The Renaissance was the "rebirth" of the classical culture of Greece and Rome, but Da Vinci and Michelangelo had to hide their sexual proclivities for fear of embarrassment or possible condemnation from the law and the church. It was not a TRUE rebirth of these ancient cultures.

This workshop I participated in was a celebration of women's sensuality. I had SUCH a great time as I was given the "permission" to enjoy all of the things that make me a woman. Time to indulge myself in the little joys of nail polish, makeup, costumes that made me feel wonderful and alive. The entire day was a celebration of all that makes me feel like a woman, and I highly recommend the class to anyone who wants to celebrate their sex, their beauty, their power.

I was the oldest member of the class, yet I was at ease with these younger women, whom I envied for their consciousness at such a young age. But better late then never I say, and I thought little of age. We were women from 25-50, all celebrating ourselves and our sexuality.

Tonight's picture is the card that I made as a thank you to Isis, the photographer. I will talk a bit more about the class tomorrow, and a link to her website for you to enjoy. Eventually I hope to have some pics to as a 20's pin up sort of gal. Don't worry, it will all be proper!!!

Till then, patti


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