Today I had another IMPEACH sign incident. I have an impeach sign on my lawn, in a fairly conservative neighborhood. I think there are a lot more closet impeach supporters, but they don't dare to put the sign out.

It usually happens like this. Scenerio: I am standing in my driveway talking to a friend or a neighbor and someone pulls up in a car, and comes running towards me. Now I never know if it is friend or foe, so there is a brief moment when my heart pounds. Both times it was friend who wanted to know where I got my sign. This time, a WWII veteran, last time a retired California professor.

This time I was ready. I had one in the car, and he readily bought it from me. I will have to get another sign to hold for the next excited supporter.

I have had no ill will towards me save for the neighbors who countered it with a huge blow up flag, but that did not last long. I swear I did not pop it.

Tonight's picture is of Marc Anthony. It is a photogravure from the late 1800's. Quite nice actually. Eventually I will list it on ebay. Maybe.



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